Collecting and Art Investment

Whether your motivation is passion, investment, or both, ArtSalon+ can advise on all aspects of building an art collection.

The contemporary art market is both dynamic and global, offering numerous and ever-increasing opportunities for art collectors and investors. Our access to a wide range of expertise from the world’s most prestigious arts institutions helps to support highly informed decision-making and allows us to identify the best strategies to meet your objectives.

While the art market can often appear to be bafflingly complex and opaque, with no apparent rhyme or reason as to why some artists achieve recognition and success while others remain in obscurity, as insiders of the post-graduate art scene we are able to keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of contemporary art trends, while also understanding that recognition or success for an emerging artist depends on a number of factors, among which the desire and willingness to experiment and develop their art are prerequisites, as is a strong work ethic and an ability to collaborate and work with others.

Peer recognition, which comes mainly through regular inclusion in group exhibitions and by delivering consistently high-quality and interesting work, is another important factor. Our expertise and knowledge of the emerging-artist sector, combined with our regular attendance at art degree shows and the numerous group exhibitions taking place around the year, allows us to identify those individuals who are most likely to gain recognition and success in their chosen mediums and emerge as the stars of tomorrow.

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